About CPSBench

The prime goal of the International Workshop on

Benchmarking Cyber-Physical Networks and Systems (CPSBench) 

is to be an exchange platform for academics and industrials dealing with all facets of rigorously evaluating and comparing cyber-physical networks and systems.

We are looking for papers that elaborate on challenges and requirements for benchmarking and rigorous experimental evaluation, on methods to ensure the repeatability of evaluation results, on tools for automated evaluation, and models to capture and compare properties of algorithms and systems.

CPSBench 2018 is a satellite workshop of the Cyber-Physical System Week (CPSWeek2018), the premier event on Cyber-Physical Systems, which brings together four top conferences, HSCC, ICCPS, IPSN, and RTAS. Altogether the CPS Week program covers a multitude of complementary aspects of CPS, and reunites the leading researchers in this dynamic field.